Free Page Counters | Hit Counters

Get quick and easy page hit and page visit tracking (includes countries and dates) using simple 1x1 pixel transparent PNG images.

No pricing plans, etc. Just free.
Easy to use. Just name your PNG and get the PNG URL.
The PNG URLs serve real 1x1 pixel transparent PNG files, with a ".png" extension.
Fast. We like fast, and we want your PNGs and reports served up fast. As you may have noticed, it's a bit bare-bones around here ;)
Your PNGs track hits and visits. Visit data can be viewed monthly (by year), or daily (by month).
Your PNGs track which countries your visits come from.
SSL supported.


Registering is easy. Email, password, password again. Click the link in your email. Done.

Generating PNGs is easy. Just name it, and you'll get the PNG URL.

Load the PNG anywhere you want (and are able). Common places include profile pages, hosted product pages, stuff like that.

Log in to view your PNG stats.


When your PNG is loaded, it always tracks a "hit". A "visit" may also be tracked if it's loaded from an IP that hasn't loaded it for at least 30 minutes. The date and country are tracked with visits.

On the main stats page, you can quickly see total hits and visits for all your PNGs.

Digging in deeper, you can view visit data by month (per year) or daily (per month).

You can also view what countries your visits came from.

Register for your free account today and make some PNGs!